Music promoter from Bradford district plans huge open-air festival in Pakistan

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KEIGHLEY’S globetrotting music promoter Saby Khan is taking the Ministry of Sound to Pakistan.

The East Morton hip-hop specialist is planning a major open-air concert at Lahore’s Country Club La Rosa next February with the leading nightclub franchise.

Saby, real name Sabir Hussain, is negotiating with members of top rap group Wu Tang Clan, Dj Motiv8 from the Black Eyed Peas, and electro house DJs.

Saby started out as a Keighley College student 22 years ago organising daytime bhangra music events in his hometown, before branching out to running urban music UK universities.

He began to specialise in after-short parties for leading hip-hop acts like Black Eyed Peas, 50 Cent and The Outlawz, and went on to organise parties and music events in countries like Dubai.

His last projects involved touring with Wu Tang Clan at Wembley Arena and working with famous Bollywood names such as Pankaj Udhas and Sonu Nigam.

Saby said: “Pakistan is opening up to international talent and bringing in new famous DJs, rappers and singers like Valentino Khan, Diplo and Mika Singh.

“Back in 2006 Bryan Adams performed to a sell-out crowd in Karachi, and I’ve made it my mission to take huge dance and entertainments names to Pakistan.

“I get many emails from people in Pakistan who are looking to the West for live music and events.

“Security has improved since Imran Khan has come to power and people are feeling happy that the country is opening up to international music names.”

“This event will raise awareness of peace in South Asia and social problems facing both India and Pakistan like poverty, domestic violence and women rights.”

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How Saby Khan Is Bringing Together Multiple Faiths Through Music

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The world can often feel a very divided place, these days people appear to be at odds with one another over a range of different subject matters. That’s why it really piqued our interest when we heard that a music promoter and radio presenter in Keighley will be playing a big role in using music to help create and nurture understanding between various different religions. Working with both the Manchester Reform Synagogue and Bradford Asian Radio, Sabir Hussain (known as Saby Khan) will be organizing “Abraham’s Roots,” a series of events with the aim of bringing people from various faiths together.

Saby was inspired to launch the event after he was invited to the Manchester Reform Synagogue by Rabbi Robyn Ashworth-Steen to attend a Hanukkah service. Following the service, he discussed the possibility of bringing together Christian priests and Muslims imams to the synagogue in order to create a live music and entertainment event which promotes both unity and peace. With the synagogue having been used as a host for interfaith events in the past, it appeared the perfect place.

Whilst there has been mistrust between Jews and Muslims over the last century, due to the Arab-Israeli conflict, Saby quite rightly points out that prior to this, people from both faiths had lived peacefully side by side for over 1,300 years. Seeing it as a huge opportunity to promote peace and build awareness of the presence and dangers of antisemitism and Islamophobia across the UK, Saby says “Over the past two years there’s been a sharp rise in Islamophobia and antisemitism across the UK…So I thought to myself that I could use my skills and contacts to promote Jewish-Muslim unity.”

So far, the reaction to the event has been overwhelmingly positive with a large number of young people having already declared their interest in the project, “Young people have been getting in touch with me to help provide something which will be both constructive and entertaining. Most of them are from Muslim and Christian backgrounds. They are looking to learn more about the Torah, Bible and Qur’an.”

Abraham’s Roots is due to run on a twice annual basis and will bring together musical talent from Muslim and European countries. It will feature a wide variety of music including Muslim Sufi styles as well as Jewish and Christian mystical music. It will also fundraise for charities which will help refugees and homeless people, especially in the North of England.

For us at Ummahsonic, we think this sounds like an absolutely amazing event and a great way of celebrating unity and peace. If you’re interested, check out Saby’s Facebook page here!

Keighley hip-hop promoter Saby teams up with US rapper Nutt-so

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KEIGHLEY music promoter Saby Khan has been invited to work with a member of US hip-hop group the Outlawz.

The former Keighley College student said he would be making a video and arranging concerts for rapper Nutt-so.

The Outlawz were created by the late rapper Tupac Shakur in the 1990s.

Saby, real name Sabir Hussain, from East Morton, was brought together with Nutt-so by BBC radio presenter and musician, DJ Silverfinger Singh.

Saby, who has worked with leading hip-hop acts like Black Eyed Peas and 50 Cent during his 25 year music career, said the trio chatted about Tupac’s legacy and the hip-hop industry.

He said: “We spoke about how we can help young talent get into music, perform on stage and improve their career, and how we can use music and the arts to combat bullying in school.

“I was asked by Nutt-so to direct his new music video in Bradford, which will be released in April. I’ll be heading to New York to arrange the first event, a Notorious BIG and Tupac tribute show for later this year with a New York promoter.

“I would like to thank Nutt-so The Outlawz for selecting me to arrange his future concerts and help keep the Tupac legacy going on to the young generation.We will be working together to promote anti crime awareness in the community.”

Hip-hop king Saby Khan turns bad in Bollywood movie The Jackpot

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KEIGHLEY music promoter Saby Khan and his son have travelled to Pakistan and Abu Dhabi to take part in a Bollywood film.

Saby, real name Sabir Hussain, claims to be the first Keighley man to perform in a film made by the massive film industry on the Indian subcontinent.

He says he is playing the villain in upcoming blockbuster The Jackpot while his son Samad Hussain, a Craven College student, plays an assistant.

Saby, who organises high-profile hip-hop dance events in the UK and abroad, and Samad flew out in October. Saby said the movie was a co-production of Bollywood, the Indian film industry, and Lollywood which centres around the Lahore area of Pakistan.

Saby said he was given the role by Oriental Films, the longest-running movie production house in Pakistan.

He said: “I was shocked when the movie’s directors Shoib Khan and Khurram Sheraz Riaz approached me via Facebook and asked if I would be happy to make a guest appearance Cameo is a villain.

“The film has already been shooting on the famous James Bond Island in Thailand several months ago, and we are in phase of the production which is set in United Arab Emirates and Pakistan.

“The Jackpot will have some of the biggest names in Lollywood and Bollywood including Javed Sheikh, Sanam Choudry, Noor Hassan, Sana Fakhir, Innayat Khan.

“There is also Reyhna Malhotra who is an award-winning Star Plus TV actress from the series Ishqbaaz.”

Saby said Oriental Films was set up 45 years ago by Muhammed Riaz Akhtar and has since made blockbusters such as Sultana Daku and Jani Dushman.

The studio was later taken over by Khurran Sheraz Riaz, who has been responsible for more than2,000 films and dramas distributed across the world including the UK, USA and Europe.

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Saby, a former student of Keighley College and High School, started out in event promotion as a teenager with daytime dance events across Bradford district.

Through his Goodfellaz brand he expanded to the UK university circuit as well as organising after-show parties for stars such as the Black Eyed Peas. In recent years he has organised similar events in Dubai.

A staunch campaigner for racial harmony, Saby has also encouraged rappers and singers to take part in his international performances.

Saby Khan in bout with Rocky stars


KEIGHLEY music promoter and media personality Saby Khan has gone into the ring with stars of the Rocky franchise.

He recently worked as a media consultant with Carl Weathers – who played Rocky’s boxing opponent Apollo Creed – and Brigitte Nielsen.

Saby, real name Saby Hussain, met the Hollywood actors as part of a team-up for the Love for Sci-Fi fan convention last autumn in Manchester.

Former model Brigitte starred in 1985 movie Red Sonja, marrying Sylvester Stallone the same year and starring in Rocky IV before her their 1987 divorce.

Former professional football player Carl Weathers has starred in films like Predator, Action Jackson and Happy Gilmore as well as his Rocky appearances.

Saby said he provided media services for Love for Sci-Fi organisers Monopoly Events, after being approached in his capacity as a presenter with Bradford Asian Radio.

He said: “I was surprised when Bradford Asian Radio was selected by Monopoly Events to cover the event for the Yorkshire side.

“It was a great experience working with Hollywood superstars Carl Weathers and Brigitte Nielsen on the day.

“I talked about my past career with Carl and Brigitte after the event and both were really impressed with my outstanding contribution to music and media and how I’m promoting British music overseas.

“Both celebrities want me to go to Los Angeles later this year and talk about developing short films for young people.”

Saby began his career as a teenager in Keighley, organising hip-hop and dance events across the country, and championed young rap performers from Keighley and Bradford.

With his company Goodfellaz Events he specialised in organising parties for urban music stars like Black Eyed Peas and 50 Cent, and in recent years he has been involved in organising music events in Dubai and the USA.

Saby said he was now helping his sons Ayman Islam and Samad Hussain to develop their own careers in arts, films and music production distribution.

He said: “The demand for British Asians in entertainment has been on the rise, with special thanks to Apache Indian, Jay Sean and Punjabi MC

“I’m doing my best to give professional service to the media industry and help vulnerable people. Many young people from different backgrounds have approached me.”

Saby said his current media project included helping women in domestic violence situations to get into the entertainment industry, helping produce short films about Islamophobia and anti-Semitism.

He said he wanted local councillors and community leaders to help people get into music and dance.

He added: “It’s a shame to see that many young people are leaving Keighley to bigger cities to achieve their passion.”

East Morton music promoter’s delight at Boss Lady deal

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AWARD-winning East Morton music promoter and hip hop entrepreneur Sabir Hussain – aka Saby Khan – has spoken of his delight at the latest singer to join his books.

He has signed-up SS Boss Lady, Shehzadi Sultan.

“It’s an honour to sign Boss Lady as she has a unique voice and has done great material – including cover songs of the Pakistani legend Madame Noor Jehan,” said Saby.

“I’m getting booking enquiries from Dubai and Mumbai and hopefully we will be opening our bookings for the UK after May, depending on the Covid-19 restrictions. We have also been promoting her music on our British Asian Radio.”

Miss Sultan said it was “a great pleasure” to join-up with Saby Khan Entertainment.

“I did many months of research and was very selective about whom I chose to manage me,” she said.

East Morton promoter behind first radio station of its kind in UK

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A MULTI-award-winning music promoter and media consultant based at East Morton has launched a British Asian radio station.

The venture is the first of its kind in the UK for independent artists, musicians and rappers.

Behind the initiative is Sabir Hussain, aka Saby Khan, who has been a promoter for the likes of Black Eyed Peas.

Support is being provided by Yorkshire Business. And funding is coming from Westminster, Manchester and Leeds city councils.

Saby says the radio station – which will reach an international audience – is designed to give young people, from deprived areas in particular, a chance to showcase their musical talents via an online platform.

He has also worked alongside the police on the project, in the hope it will help divert youngsters away from a potential crime path.

“This has been one of my biggest projects during 25 years in media and arts,” said Saby, a former Leeds University student.

“I’m privileged and honoured to have had support with the project from the police and Westminster, Manchester and Leeds councils.

“It’s always great to work side by side with others to help young people. This gives youngsters the opportunity to learn new music genres, as well as film development.

“Also, we shall be promoting interfaith and how we can develop peace and harmony within the community.

“As well as my career in media and arts I also spent 12 years working as a civil servant for the UK Government and I like to combine my skills to support young people from deprived areas to achieve success.”

To submit your new music release, visit or call 07534 566667.

Who is UK based Hip-Hop promoter Saby Khan?

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Forty-Year-Old Sabir Hussain, known as Saby Khan, recently helped organize the longest every DJ rally on this past November. Say joined an elite group this past as he played his way into the Guinness Book of World Records. Staged in the Gulf State, 151 DJs from around the world joined in the event to smash the previous record during an exhausting eight-hour set. Each performed one set to smash the record of 133 sets.

An official award is set to be presented to the organizers in January 2016 at the world-renowned Burj Khalifa hotel.

In an exclusive interview with Asian Express Newspaper, Saby said he was extremely proud of the team’s achievements:

“The moment we broke the record there was just this nostalgic feeling that came over us,” he said.

“It was emotional because we had been arranging this event for so long and we had really worked a 14 hour shift to pull it off.

“I’m really proud to have done something positive for so many of these young DJs. They were all a part of this world record and we made history with this longest ever set.”  Read the full interview here.

From the outside looking in, who is Saby Khan?

Saby Khan is UK longest running Hip Hop Promoter who has worked alongside some of the biggest names in the Hip Hop industry from Grand Master Flash to Black Eyed Peas and 50 Cents

Saby Khan revolutionised the UK Hip Hop scene by blending in new UK talent with A-list US talent

Like Dr Dre has been an Innovatorand Pioneer for Modern Day Hip Hop rap Music, I have been regarded as Innovator and Pioneer of mixing the fusion of Bollywood Music with Hip hop in the mid 1990s which later led to the likes of Punjabi MC, Jay Sean and many British Asian artists.

I was first promoter to organise the Black Eyed Peas Official Afterpartys in London and other European citys in 2004 and 2005

And this year involved in the team that broke the World Record in the Longest Dj Rally in Dubai with 151 Djing within 7 hours

What brought you to the entertainment industry, music specifically?

It s a long history, I was actually inspired by old skool hip hop artists who used their lyrics to express the social needs and problems in early 1980s, same time in UK, they was a massive increase in Racism towards Blacks and South Asian community’s by National Front and Skinhead gangs and I was also a victim to Racism, so I thought to myself how better can I express my anger and feeling so I chose Hip Hop as a platform, I decided to self-teach myself in being a BBoy and Break-dancer at the age of 10 in Yorkshire.

I was inspired by the likes of Kool and the Gang, Beastie Boys, Run DMC, Grand Master Flash.

When I was 18 at Keighley College I organised the first “Daytimer” a fusion of Hip Hop and Bollywood music and that went on to be nationwide crave, I was regarded as the pioneer of creating Hip Hop and Bollywood fusion which led to the creation of many UK British Asians being inspired by that Music model.

Talk to us about your growth into a premier promoter and booker in the UK.

As I was rising as a Student gig promoter in early 2000, I was approached by Polo Molina the tour manager of the Black Eyed Peas in 2004 while I was promoting Keith Murrays UK Tour, he asked me if I was interested in doing the BEP first official Afterparty in UK and I agreed.

I organised the afterparty within 5 days and sold it within 3 days, Mr Molina was impressed and so were the other UK based promoters and from there onwards I never looked back and since then Ive worked with A- Artists such as 50 Cent at Rockingham Racing UK, Busta Rhymes at Nottingham UK, Akon in Birmingham , UK

I’ve also kept in touch with Jeremiah Ice Younassi who is the official booking agent for 50 cent and East Coast Rappers.

What do you look to learn about a DJ or artist prior to working with them?

One of the reason I’m a leading promoter in UK is because I enjoying working with different genres of Music, from Bollywood to Hip Hop, from Soul to Salsa, this gives me a large insight of the actual Talent and Musician who I was going to work with and , every day I believe I’m learning more and more about different styles of Music and this make my events Interesting.

Whenever I work with a Dj or an Artist, I always look very carefully on their vocals and how they are expressing themselves to the general public, research about their previous live events, watch their Music videos and Interviews continuously for hours to see if they are truly dedicated to music as sometimes you can actual see the artists emotions through their body language and tone of voice, and how they interact with their fans and audience.

History of the artists and Djs is a priority for me as it shows their passion for Music which is very important when the artist or Dj is on the stage in front of his or her fans.

Who would be your top five Hip-Hop artist recommendations from your market that we should know about?

Wow thats a good question, I actually respect all Hip Hop acts as it takes alot of hard work to become one but most of time I like to prefer unsigned talent because you can actually feel the energy of true hip hop.

In the USA I would recommend that everyone should watch out for Macc Johnson from New Jersey whose music is all about growing up in poverty and struggling to find work as a black person.

Pakarmz from Queens who is behind the “Desi Jam” a Bollywood version of the Def Jam Records, he has worked alongside Keith Murray, Redman and Method man

Dj Motiv8 from LA whos is a producer and the Dj for the Black Eyed Peas, He was one one of the Original members that created the BEP along with Dante Santiago, Will I am, Taboo and Apl.

Mc Mik also known as Arabian Prince from NWA, his making a come back to the Hip Hop scene on the West Coast, Although he wasn’t mentioned in the Straight Outto Compton movie, he was been one of Innovators to Modern Day Rap Music

T-Durr from France also known as the French Pound who has worked alongside Dogg Pound, he has mixed European Rap with US hip hop and made it a massive success in France and UK and soon it will be coming to US Radio station

Besides Figa DJ, who’s really cranking it up in the UK for Hip-Hop?

Oh Yes Figa Dj is great, shes not far from were Im from and she has made a great name for herself as a female Dj, she has become a great role model for young females from the Midlands, UK

UK Hip Hop music is expanding fast thanks to solid foundations of the music from the USA, talents such as A.C ( Achilles Charrington) whos lyrics are based on London youths and Terra Slim another great talent from London whos main objective is to promote Anti Racism through his Music.

Fonzo from Birmingham is another amazing rapper who has worked alongside the Outlawz and Nas

Tell us a bit about your work and passions OUTSIDE of music…

In my spare time I enjoy reading books about world travel and looking to make a Short Film on Anti Bullying with help of a NYC based Dr Sairah Qureshi

This will be screened at a Film Festival in Dubai later this year, just waiting for the Actors/Actresses to be confirmed and the actual location.

I want to capitalise on screen work as I was one of the back actors in Smash hit film called Yasmin back in 2004 which was written the same person who wrote Slum Dog Millionaire.

I have been approached by a few LA casting directors to use me as promoter in Hollywood films but Im holding back until I find the right script.

They just seem to love my hard English Accent.

Also currently working on my new venture of making my own brand of Hookah Shisha Lounges in UK and New York.

I have spoken to a few factories in China and Pakistan to manufacture my own version of the water pipe, looking to launch the company in fall 2016

I enjoy the gym few times a day just to keep in shape and help me focus on future projects apart from Music.

Last but not least, HYPE wants to know…What’s your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?!” moment…

Hahaha well I guess it have to be Dubai, I had the Outlawz concert back in August 15 at the Music Room and it was one of the craziest events I have ever done with fans flying in from across the Arab world to see the legendary Edi Don and Young Noble, It was their first concert in Middle East and I was just wild.

Nowadays with everything is crazy and wild out there at moment especially with the West Coast rappers going to perform at live gigs and afterpartys.

I’m also planning to unite the Outlawz and NWA rappers for the 20th Anniversary of 2Pac in Dubai later this year which will be billed as one of the biggest events in Middle East this year.