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Award winning Saby Khan is a Multi-Skilled and Multi-Talented Entertainment and Media Consultant born into a family of 300 years experience in Musical History from the Indian Sub-continent.

Saby Khan forefathers toured the Delhi Sultanate before the advent of the Mughal Empire performing Sufi Kalam spiritual songs with Romeo Juliet style Music. After several generations, Saby Khan has taken his family music business to the next level with inspiring modern beats produced by American and British Producers.

Since 1995 Saby Khan Entertainment started with the British Asian Pioneer Saby Khan from Leeds Metropolitan University studying Events Management.

The whole aim was to provide high-quality diverse music genres to Leeds Students.

Saby Khan’s early days took on the likes of Apache Indian and Taz Stereo Nation at Famous Maestro Nightclub Bradford and became the first British Asian to host Mela 2000 at Ministry of Sound Nightclub, London.
And then evolving into Mainstream Hip Hop Music Music with the likes of Black Eyes Peas in 2004.

Since 1995 Saby Khan Entertainment has helped organised over 1000 multi-genre music events across UK, Europe, USA, and the Middle East.

Won numerous awards for Best Promoter of Year and even Best Radio Presenter of the Year.