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Saby Khan here – Music Producer, Composer & Director. Love teaching young lads and people Music Production. Punjabi by birth Artist by nature! I want to gift you the craft of making your own Music!


No student is the same, neither are their strong traits or weaknesses.

I interact with my students in a Personal and Professional manner in a way that balances the fun of the music and the discipline of the class, after all, this is what music is all about – feel, discipline, and lots of fun! 

Electronic Music Production is divided into 8 Different Modules that we cover in our Course in the span of 2.5 – 3 months. 

All the syllabus is done and demonstrated Practically.

My Previous Commercial Project’s Breakdowns are taught in it too, so whatever I Know, you know that too, provided you ask for it!

A bridge between Indian Classical music and Western music is established right at the beginning by relating the commonalities in both of them and relating them.

Regular tasks are given in between the course to make sure that all the concepts are cleared side by side.

Anyone who is a Music lover and wants to make his own music is an ideal student for it.